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Fanfiction Rules

Post  kacqn on Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:05 pm

These are the rules of posting your stories here. Read them before you post!

Fanfiction Rules

1. Post The Right Thing. Is you are posting what you should do are want some advice about a stories you are making go to Authors' Advice. For posting a story it goes in Fanfiction, if it is about Pokemon, Digimon, Bakugan , a crossover or not, post there. If you have a complete story Pm a Moderator or an Admin to move it to Completed Fictions.

2. Post The Right Rating. You don't want a story that has no mature things to have a R rating, so post the right rating. Use ratings as if it was a movie, here's a link:

We also have ratings of our own.
All (A) -All ages.
Mild Teen Feature (MTF) -Has some teen features.
Teen Feature (TF) -Has Teen Features

And here are a list of ratings we allow and some summaries:
G- Usually alll ages. A fiction like this would be readalbe for all ages. No swearing, mature themes or heavy violence. Like pokemon games published by Nintendo. Allowed on forums.

PG-A story that has this rating is more suitable for teens, but maybe read by kids. Some violence, mild swearing. Not much mature content. Some blood and Gore.Allowed on forums.

PG-13/14/15-A story which will not really be for children 13 and under. There are some heavy violence scenes, mature content, has blood and gore.Must be apporved by a Moderator or Admin.

Any other high ratings ARE NOT ALLOWED on the forums.

3.How Long Your Prologue/ Chapter Should Be

A prologue is a beginning chapter for a story, but is not actually part of the story. For example it could be about a boy who loves pokemon and gets teased by it. And then one the first chapter, he's fourteen, he still loves it and gets teased. A prologe could be two or more years in a story and the chapter could take place in a later year. Both in a chapter and prolgue, you describe the scene. You not need to write a prologue in your story. You get to pick if you want it or not.

A chapter can be a beginning of the story if there is no prologue. A chapter is in all parts of the story. Both in a chapter and prologue you describe the scene.
Here's an example of how NOT to do it.
This story talks place in an alley. A man got robbed and goes sign-up for the police. There he gets his partner pokemon and sets of to find a criminal.
That was more like a summary. Note: All stories that are like this and isn't said it's a summary, will be deleted.

Here's a way HOW to do it. DO NOT STEAL!
A young man walked in the streets. All alone, with no one near him. "Get him!" a voice called. The man started to run, but got caught by the thugs. They robbed his money and took his wallet. Before the thugs left, one of them knocked the man out cold.
Now that's more like it. Keep in mind a chapter length isn't like this. A chapter length is three pages on Microsoft Word, Size 12.

4. Grammer is important!

If you want a proper story which people will want to see a way to do it is, grammer. People don't want to see storys typed out liek this. If you want a good story grammer is a good want to go. If you are from another country and you spell something different from words users use, just post on your post telling you speel somethings different. No harm done in that.

5. Review And Pointers

Let's review what can make a good story.

The right rating
A long prologue/chapter (If possible.)

And here are some pointers:

A Good Plot
Good Ideas

If you read this, you might have a great story.

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