Trade Room Rules

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Trade Room Rules

Post  kacqn on Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:28 pm

The Trade Room Rules are made so people don't trade hacked pokemon, trade banned pokemon and more.

1. Do Not Trade Hacks! I'm probably sure you read this before trading pokemon with oher members on different forums. Do not trade hacked, unlegit, pokesav'ed, stats changed pokemon. No one want to get traded a pokemon for a scam.

2. Before trading put the pokemon's stats! This is how we know if it is hacked or not. Use this form:

Pokemon Name
IVs: (If you know them.)
Evs:(If you know them.)
Attack Stat:
Defense Stat:
Special Attack Stats:
Special Defense Stats:
OT (Original Trainer):
Pokemon ID:
Exp. Points:
Level Caught/Found:
Place Caught/FoundAbility:

These are the rules for now, post here to ask about the rules and ask if one should be added.

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