Rules (Read Them!)

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Rules (Read Them!)

Post  kacqn on Sat Jan 23, 2010 2:21 pm

These are the rules, you should follow them or you will get banned for an amount of days, weeks, or months.

1. Do not spam. Spam (or otherwise known as Stupid Annoying Messages) are a way to annoy people. We don't want any spam here. If caught in the act, a week's ban will be given to you.

2.No illegal content. No things talking about or giving ROMs, Action Replay, flashcarts and etc. If caught a 2 week's ban is given.

3. Do not advertise! We don't want anything to do with that stuff here! You'll only annoy people. A 3 week ban or Permaban is given out.

4. Post in the right forum! People don't want to see a thing that's suppose to belong somewhere else in another place, just post "I don't know if this is the right forum." if you don't know. No bans will be given.

5. No inapproprirate things. Young children could be coming here and don't want to see the things they never meant to be looking for. If caught, a Permaban is given.

6.Don't Necropost, Doublepost, etc. You can post anytime in a Stickied thread.

7.Not really a rule, but Have Fun!

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